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3D Geomechanics Modeling

HXR Geomechanics Advisors can develop a high resolution 3D geomechanics model that captures full-field variation in stress, pore pressure, lithology and rock properties of your study area. This model integrates calibrated local 1D geomechanics models from multiple wellbores in the studied area while honoring the structural model.

When drilling a high number of directional, extended reach drilling (ERD) or even horizontal wells, capturing the varying geomechanics properties on the field scale allows you to optimize well integrity. Our Geomechanics Advisor can calculate precise 3D overburden pressure, rock mechanical properties, formation pore pressure, fracture pressure, and horizontal stresses. From the 3D geomechanical models, you can extract virtual 1D well models for any target well locations and trajectories for planned wells within the study area.

With the 3D model, the Limitations of 1D log depth-stretching in highly deviated wells is eliminated making it more suitable for ERD and horizontal drilling design.

3D Geomechanics Application

  • Extended reach drilling
  • Unconventional shale horizontal well drilling
  • Moderately complex geology without major stress distortions


  • Convenient virtual 1D geomechanics model for any target well
  • Accelerate project decision and well selection
  • Overcomes the limitation of 1D depth stretching of logs from offset wells to plan well