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Wellsite Services

HXR’s Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Specialists and Geomechanics Specialists provide “fit for purpose” wellsite engineering/surveillance and geomechanics services that are tailored to meet the specific challenges expected on our clients drilling projects.

Our service offerings are unique among other ERD service providers in that we offer all of the elements of a successful well — geomechanics, engineering design, operational training and field services. “All the pump, all the rotary, all the time” sounds good — unless the hole is collapsing. A well that is engineered to be “Best in Class” with 12 ppg mw isn’t all that classy — if you get down there and take a 15 ppg kick (and potentially lose a hole size…). HXR believes that you must design the well around the rock; you can’t do it the other way around. Our experienced ERD Specialists, Geomechanics Specialists, Pore Pressure Specialists, and their office-based support staff, have decades of experience in modeling, designing and on-site monitoring difficult, complex wells, all over the world. Our field personnel are constantly in contact with our office-based drilling engineers and geologists, sharing trend graphs, cuttings/cavings photos, lWD data, and other important details of the drilling operation, with constant feedback on the status of the hole.

HXR is solutions-focused and pragmatic in their approach to drilling operations. Instead of telling the client, “I think your hole is collapsing — better do something about that!”, HXR can provide real solutions, from a geology and geomechanics standpoint, as well as modifying the operational techniques used onsite.



Onsite engineering and Well surveillance (“Hole Condition monitoring”) service, utilizing our proprietary ERDPro® engineering software, providing T&D, Hydraulics, and swab/surge trend analysis, as well as wellsite engineering. Constant feedback loop with client operations team and HXR support staff allows for results-focused input. Includes fluids and directional trajectory monitoring, updates to pre-drill engineering plans, basic pore pressure and wellbore stability monitoring.


Add-On Advanced Optimization service utilizing MSE/DSE in RT, as well as xplotting with other variables, such as drilling fluids parameters, geologic formations, etc., for future well planning upgrades. Utilizes the rigs standard technology package as well as HXR’s ERDPro® engineering software.


Building upon our ERD engineering and Geomechanics services, Min-NPT™ methodically breaks down every step of the drilling/casing operation into individual steps, and identifies the limiters involved with each operation. Disparities between the best and worst performing rigs in the drilling fleet can be identified and addressed, allowing for operational efficiency to be progressed throughout the entire drilling operation.



HXR’s Pore Pressure Prediction Service provides RT modeling and trend evaluation, allowing for the operations team to be alerted to any changes that could endanger the safety or overall success of the well. Can be run standalone, or in addition to HXR’s DrillSIGHT™ or DrillSIGHT-HD™ ERD engineering service.


Combined Geomechanics and Geopressure/Pore Pressure Prediction service. RT monitoring of all geologic LWD data allows for updates of geomechanics model. Run in RT at the rigsite or in an RTOC, HXR’s Geomechanics specialists work with the Geomechanics modeling geologists on staff, as well as with the clients geomechanics team.