Geomechanics/Geopressure Modeling Services

HXR Drilling Services offers advanced Pre-Drill Geomechanics/Wellbore Stability and Pore Pressure Modeling Services. Using JewelSuiteTM or DeepwaterPro®, these services are designed to minimize the unique geomechanics challenges encountered on our clients drilling projects.

Our highly experienced pore pressure and geomechanics advisors have global experience to provide services including:

  • Pre-Drill Pore Pressure Prediction Modeling
  • Pre-Drill Wellbore Stability (WBS) Analysis
  • 3D Geomechanics Modeling
  • Real-Time Geomechanics Model Updates

These services can be combined with our family of DrillSIGHTTM Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Services to plan a safe and efficient well, optimizing drilling time and minimizing NPT.

It is crucial, in the planning stage of ERD, Horizontal or Deepwater Wells, to ensure rock mechanics is taken into account in the engineering design. Accurate Pore Pressure, Collapse Pressure, and Fracture Pressure gradients are critical in ensuring the success of these types of wells.