Drilling Services

HXR Drilling Services specializes in directional and horizontal drilling, extended reach drilling (ERD), and deepwater drilling services. Our personnel have been involved in projects of all sizes, from deepwater West Africa drill-center developments to horizontal projects in the major U.S. shale plays. From engineering design to pore pressure prediction, RT wellbore stability services to drill-site supervision, our drilling specialists can be counted on to get the job done professionally and competently. The HXR Extended Reach Drilling and Deepwater Drilling Engineering Services teams utilize some of the most advanced, specially designed software available. We are dedicated to helping our clients plan their wells efficiently and to identifying potential problems before they occur, and we are aggressively expanding into new markets in the United States and across the globe.

HXR Drilling Services Project Management and Wellsite Consulting

Extended Reach Drilling

HXR provides specialized, highly detailed ERD engineering design, rig-site engineering services, and operational training classes to clients worldwide. Using ERDPro®, one of the most advanced modular drilling engineering software suites on the market today and developed…


Extended-Reach and Deepwater Drilling

Deepwater Drilling

HXR Drilling Services is an emerging leader in Deepwater Drilling engineering. From exploration activities in Brazil, to large-scale developments in West Africa and HPHT shelf projects in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, the world is continually turning to…