Integrated Services

HXR Drilling Services is developing a network of regional service companies in a variety of fields. A major complaint of many of our clients is that there are just a few “major” providers of bundled oilfield services. While that may be desirable from a contracting and procurement standpoint, many of our clients wish they could deal with smaller, more specialized vendors who know their specific areas in-depth. HXR believes that a combination of the two business models is the right approach: localized vendors bundled under one procurement contract. Currently, HXR is able to provide the following services within our partner chain:

  • Facilities O&M
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Physical Plant Design
  • Mancamp/Oilfield Facility Construction
  • Security Services
  • Downhole Tool Rental
  • Geosteering
  • Pumping Services
  • Workover
  • Well Decommissioning
  • Drill Bit Services
  • Oilfield Construction
  • Rotary-Steerable Systems
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Drilling Engineers

It is HXR’s goal to continue expanding to a point where we can provide a full suite of services to the oilfield sector. While our founding partners all came from varied backgrounds, ranging from “supermajors” to national oil companies (NOCs) and large integrated service companies, we all agreed from the start that we would provide only the best, most qualified personnel and services available, and that includes our industry partners.