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Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC)

HXR offers their Wellsite Services through a Real-time Operations Center (RTOC). Monitoring can be done through WITSML™ RT for Geomechanics and Pore Pressure Prediction, and accurate drilling monitoring can be done by utilizing data streams from the rigs instrumentation contractor. In some cases, minor equipment changes, such as electronic hookload indicators, need to be installed on the rig for accurate measurements, and two-way communications by phone, messenger or both, is required, particularly during critical measurement operations, such as connections, picking up BHA, changes in pipe type/weight, etc. Remote monitoring is only recommended after a period of onsite training, where our ERD Specialists can train the drillers, hands on, in ERD techniques, to the point that they are capable of performing the tasks adequately with little additional coaching.

HXR’s ERD Specialists can remotely monitor the wells in our Houston or Anchorage offices, or can sit in-house in our clients’ RTOC facilities.