Drilling Engineering Company

HXR Drilling Services is a U.S.-based drilling engineering company that specializes in Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) and Deepwater Drilling. We have developed one of the most advanced software suites in the industry — ERDPro®, our advanced well design software, and DEEPWATERPro®, our pore pressure prediction software that has the capability to detect/model expected pore pressure at multiple points along a 3D wellpath, rather than using a single seismic/sonic velocity stack and is specifically designed for long stepout wells in offshore environments by taking into account anisotropy in a high-angle hole and water depth changes along the wellpath.

Our Extended Reach Drilling group provides rigsite ERD Specialists as well as detailed Well Design & Feasibility Studies that are conducted in-house from our Houston and Anchorage office locations. Our ERD Specialists are beyond the scope of more generalized service contractors such as ERD “hole condition monitors,” taking all aspects of the drilling process into account without subscribing to a certain agenda or method. Additionally, the ERD group provides project management and rigsite supervision personnel. Our DSMs, D&C engineers and drilling superintendents are highly trained in ERD and offshore drilling techniques and experienced in all types of operational environments.

HXR’s Deepwater Drilling division specializes in pore pressure evaluation and offshore drilling engineering design and supervision. HXR provides highly trained Pore Pressure Specialists for offshore/HPHT projects, both in the exploration phase as well as the development phase of our clients’ projects, as well as predrill pressure analysis done by our in-house geophysical team, which is used to pick casing points and design mud programs. This service is done in conjunction with our extended reach drilling engineering services, and it is typical to have both a Pore Pressure Specialist and a ERD Specialist onboard during drilling operations; if POB is limited, a remote modeling setup is also commonly used. In fact, this option is so popular that HXR is currently designing a small RTOC for just this purpose. For those clients who want to do the design work in-house, we also provide our software on a per/copy or lease basis to select operators for use by their drilling and G&G groups.

As a drilling engineering company, HXR has global experience, from the North Slope to the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, West Africa deepwater and the Middle East/Caspian region. Before you begin your next horizontal, ERD or deepwater project, give HXR a call. We can help.