Our Real-Time Geomechanics/Geopressure services use RT data, such as WITSML (Wellsite information transfer standard markup language) and cuttings/cavings to offer:

  • Real-time pore pressure fracture gradient (PPFG) surveillance and advisory (PPFG only)
  • Real-time Wellbore Stability (WBS) update and advisory (PPFG+WBS)

This is done to proactively identify potential deviation from pre-drill models and therefore minimize unexpected surprises during the drilling phase. Minimizing surprises is crucial since repeated severe lost circulation and stuck pipe events or lost BHA events on a single well can be the end of an entire drilling project. Our RT service is typically offered in conjunction with our on-site extended reach drilling (ERD) engineering service, which is provided by our highly trained ERD Specialists. However, this service can be offered for both onsite and remotely.

Our Real-time Specialists utilize real-time enabled JewelSuite™ Geomechanics by Baker Hughes to build PPFG models and WBS analysis along a well path. This module seamlessly streams real-time LWD/MWD data in order to create update models against the pre-drill models to avoid costly surprises.

Real-time Geomechanics Applications

  1. Exploration wells
  2. Appraisal wells
  3. Development wells in complex geology
  4. Extended reach wells
  5. Horizontal well


  1. Proactively prevent unexpected drilling surprises in RT during the drilling phase
  2. Minimize costly non-productive time (NPT)
  3. Successfully reach drilling target with minimal issues
  4. Minimize risk to personnel and the environment