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The Importance of Optimization

Importance of Optimization

April 26th, 2016 | Eric Johnson

In a Downturn Market….

In today’s market of ultra-low oil prices, if you are still drilling, optimization of your drilling program should be/could be your missing link. We are now in a time of uncertainty that is setting records, and they aren’t good records. Rig counts are at all-time lows. If you are one of the few brave companies gutting it out during the slump and still drilling ahead, you are faced with some difficult decisions. Where do I cut cost? What cost can I cut without sacrificing performance? Do we even continue the drilling program? One option that few companies even ponder is spending money! How can you safely spend money and take on a new addition to overhead in such a market? Honestly, it’s quite simple. You should be focused and or have someone solely focused on drilling optimization from head to toe.