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Project Development Process

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November 10th, 2015 | Chris Speziale

The Key to Deliverables

Understanding the company’s drilling project development process is key to developing a timeline and outlining the necessary deliverables. There are many different drilling project management structures that are employed by various operators that are more or less stringent depending upon the operator’s management structure and size, geologic probability of success or experience in the region. Additionally, understanding the state at which the process is currently in plays a large role. Is the drilling project fully handed over from exploration or is it in the beginning stages of defining the exploration goals to potentially move to a future development? Also, understanding if the drilling project is fast tracked, schedule driven or cost driven are extremely important when developing an execution schedule.

Identifying Drilling Project Goals

Prior to beginning the design process the goals of the development must be defined. Aside from the obvious goal of maximizing production, the full field intent of the wells and their purpose must be identified. This is highly dependent on reservoir type and quality and will dictate the design, completion option/s selected and future field operations.