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Engineering Software

HXR has partnered with Pegasus Vertex to jointly develop ERDPro®, one of the industry’s most advanced modular drilling engineering software suites available, and with Dr. Martin Traugott, acclaimed GOM pore pressure specialist, to develop DEEPWATERPro®, our advanced pore pressure prediction software. ERDPro® is tailored to horizontal and extended reach wells, both on- and offshore, and features not only well planning and design capability, but field-measured data input as well. DEEPWATERPro® is specially designed for ERD wells offshore, taking into account multiple seismic/sonic stacks along the 3D wellpath, and adjusting for water depth and formation temperature in high-angle hole. Used together, HXR’s complete engineering suites cut downtime, increase safety, and provide optimization to any drilling project.


Engineering Software


ERDPro® combines advanced drilling engineering and well design planning modules with calibrated field data inputs, allowing both client personnel as well as our own on-site Drilling Specialists to make not only accurate modeling predictions for wells in the planning stages, but also to use actual parameters seen on the rig during the drilling operation itself to predict upcoming well conditions. In addition, this ability to calibrate torque and drag as well as SPP and ECD…



HXR’s DEEPWATERPro® Pore Pressure Evaluation suite uses the unique method of integrating multiple seismic/sonic velocity stacks to predict pore pressure along the 3-D wellpath, and takes into account the effect of formation temperature, making it especially useful for offshore development projects where ERD or highly deviated wells are planned, and for HPHT shelf projects where resistivity is the most accurate measurement used for pore pressure evaluation….