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June 26th, 2017 | HXR Drilling Services

2 & 3-Day Horizontal, Complex/ERD & Geomechanics Training Courses … Sign Up Today!

HXR offers Client Specific 2 and 3-Day Horizontal, Complex and ERD Well Drilling and Completion Training Courses, including the integration of Geomechanics Fundamentals.

What You Will Learn:
How to effectively design, plan and implement the drilling of Directional, Horizontal, Complex and ERD wells through a multi-disciplinary approach including the latest drilling and completion technologies and techniques as well as incorporating the latest Geomechanics techniques to help avoid costly well problem surprises.

  • T&D, Buckling and Hydraulics Fundamentals
  • Hole Cleaning
  • How to Model Capabilities of Existing Rig Equipment
  • What are Some Ways of Increasing the Capabilities of Rig Equipment
  • What Causes Hole Problems in Hi-Angle Wells
  • Key Design Points for ERD Wells
  • Tripping Procedures
  • BHA Design
  • Benefits of Rigsite “Hole Condition Monitoring”
  • Casing/Liner Operations, Including Floated and “Mud-Over-Air”
  • Recognizing and mitigating wellbore instability
  • Basic pore pressure prediction

This is a perfect training course for young drilling professionals, experienced drilling professionals and entire project drilling teams to ensure that everyone on the team has a fundamental working knowledge of how to drill and complete challenging horizontal and ERD wells.

Having this foundation not only enriches the individual team members, but also helps the company drill wells safer, further and faster…while reducing well costs by lowering NPT.

Attend Our Course If:

  • You have had hole stability or hole cleaning issues in the past
  • You are entering a new area, and want to explore ways to prepare your team for contingency actions
  • You have issues backreaming
  • You need to find ways to increase the length of your wells using existing equipment
  • You get stuck quite a bit, and you want to know why
  • You want to explore ways to increase ROP by monitoring the hole as it is being drilled
  • You are looking for new techniques and equipment that will allow for more successful wells
  • You want to learn more about how geomechanics and pore pressure modeling and design can help ensure a successful drilling and casing operation

Who Should Attend:

Drilling Engineers
Drilling Managers
Completion Engineers
Geomechanics Specialists
Drilling Team Leads
Drilling Superintendents
Mud Engineers
Mud Loggers
MPD Hands

Course Schedule of Activities:

Day 1:

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Papers/Case Study Discussion
  • Individual or Type-Well Review
  • Hole Cleaning
  • Torque and Drag
  • Tripping/Backreaming
  • Drilling Problems: Roundtable Discussion

Day 2:

  • Hydraulics and ECD Management
  • Surge and Swab
  • Connection Practices
  • Hole Condition Monitoring
  • Wellbore Stability
  • Vibration/Tool Failure

Day 3:

  • Pore Pressure Analysis
  • Advanced Wellbore Stability
  • Casing Wear
  • Differential Sticking
  • MSE Fundamentals
  • Well Design Overview
  • Drilling Scenario Discussion using ERDPro® Software

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