HXR’s Project Management Division is Excited to Announce our New Service Offering!

June 26th, 2017 | HXR Drilling Services

(IRIS) Integrated Re-Injection Solutions

HXR is your turnkey solution to safe and reliable true zero discharge technologies.

HXR is proud to offer the following services:

  • Project Management, Engineering & Design
  • Planning, Permitting & Delivery
  • Field Operations Support & Monitoring

HXR’s Integrated Re-Injection Solutions (IRIS) staff have been managing the design and engineering of IRIS projects in areas like Alaska, Canada, Russia, UAE, Ecuador, Indonesia, and Peru for the last 2 decades. There are 3 elements to an IRIS project; the disposal well, the IRIS surface equipment, and the operational needs of the drilling operation. HXR has the experience and resources to ensure that all 3 of these elements are designed in unison to ensure the operational goals of the project will be met.

On high profile projects involving numerous stake holders, it is critical that the project management team have firm control of the scope and delivery timeline, and practical experience in compliance with environmental regulations. HXR’s project management team have a proven track record for managing scope creep, planning the project, and delivering compliant projects, on time and on budget.

IRIS is a technology that has been safely used around the world for over 20 years. There has been more than 150 million bbl. of cuttings and wastes injected globally, since 1993. During that time lessons have been learned and best practices have been developed. These best practices are well established and universal on every major IRIS project around the world. HXR’s staff have been managing and implementing these best practices on IRIS projects for 20 years. At HXR we believe it is our environmental responsibility and duty to our clients to ensure these best practices are implemented, monitored, and tested on all IRIS projects we operate.


  • Environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, parks, marine life habitats, and wildlife preserves
  • Desert, Jungle, Urban, and Arctic environments
  • Onshore or Offshore
  • Real-time processing on a single rig or central processing for multiple rigs
  • Water based and Oil based muds
  • Solids and liquids


  • Zero surface discharge to the environment
  • Less land usage for onshore applications
  • Reduced or eliminated logistics associated to waste transport
  • Eliminates poor perceptions of drill sites by eliminating reserve or cuttings pits
  • Reduces costs for other typical onsite waste handling like cuttings dryers, cuttings containers, etc.
  • Can handle multiple waste streams, reducing the need for secondary disposal of other wastes such as production wastes
    can be used for drilling support as well as produced water and brine from reverse osmosis or fresh water production operations

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