Directional Drilling

HXR uses the technologically advanced and field-proven GE Tensor™ probe-based measurement while drilling (MWD) system. This system can be configured for multiple downhole drilling applications and provides accurate, stable survey measurements while consuming minimal power. Its reliability has been proven in the most extreme environments around the world and is compatible with rotary steerable drilling systems. In addition, HXR works with select MWD/LWD service providers to ensure that we can meet our clients’ specific equipment needs.

Motors are sourced from the industryʼs leading manufacturers, including Bico SpiroStar™, NOV HemiDril®, PowerPLUS™ and Cougar Tool™. These motors have been tested in some of the harshest drilling environments of the world and are able to handle the high sustained differential pressures necessary to maximize drilling performance in not only the lateral and tangent sections, but the vertical and build as well.

HXR has partnered with TerraVici Drilling Solutions to provide a rugged, high-performance rotary steerable system (RSS). With tool sizes ranging from 4.75″ to 6.5″, the TerraVici RSS is capable of working in hot hole environments, such as the Haynesville. Unlike other “land-focused” rotary steerable systems, the TerraVici RSS is designed to be run with a high-performance drilling motor above it for maximum rate of penetration (ROP) while still providing the hole quality and ease of directional control our clients expect from a “point-the-bit” RSS system. With build-up rate capabilities from 8 to 12 degree/100′ in the 6.5″ tool size, this system has been field-proven to drill the curve smoother than can be done with a conventional bent-motor assembly without the time associated with sliding.

HXR Directional Drillers, Drilling Engineers and Well Planning Specialists are highly experienced in most of the major producing basins of the world. We can assist you in choosing the correct bit and motor combination for your well plan and can help you optimize the plan itself. Our Directional Drillers are trained in geosteering concepts, well log correlation and drilling engineering through an in-house training program that is tailored to the areas and plays assigned to them.

In addition, HXR provides operators with either field- or office-based Directional Drilling Specialists. Our Directional Drilling Specialists act in the dual roles of being subject matter experts in the area of directional drilling, as well as liaison and quality control specialists to ensure that your multi-rig field development operators are capturing all of the “lessons learned” available and are applying the best tools and techniques to your operation.