Introducing ERDPro® Extended Reach Drilling Engineering Software

May 15th, 2015 | Chris Speziale

ERDPro® is the oil and gas industry’s most advanced modular software suite for horizontal, deepwater and extended reach drilling operations. Created in partnership with Pegasus Vertex, Inc., it includes well design planning and advanced drilling engineering modules integrated with calibrated field data inputs to yield the most accurate modeling predictions available. Perfect for planning wells, ERDPro® is equally well suited for use, on the rig, during the drilling phase of the operation, to help predict changes in downhole conditions. With the recent release of ERDPro® 2.1.2, our software offers more capability than ever before, allowing our on-site Drilling Specialists to quickly calculate and monitor baseline trends in real time. Any deviations from established trends can be identified, evaluated and addressed before major issues arise.

We’re confident you will agree that ERDPro® is better than any other package on the market. Not only does it feature T&D buckling, hydraulics and swab/surge analysis within a single database, but it also allows for common input of surveys, bottomhole assemblies, formation pressure curves and hole profiles, as well as drilling fluids and tubular libraries.

Take a look at the many features that set ERDPro® above other drilling engineering software products:

  • Simple field data input for planning model adjustments to real-world drilling conditions
  • Multiple torque and drag friction factors
  • Data trend evaluation for recognition of parameter variations
  • User-controlled flow rate ranges for SPP and ECD calculation
  • Integration of ROP and RPM data for ECD and swab/surge calculations
  • Model thinner/thicker mud effects with rheology percent adjustment
  • Compatible with other stand-alone HXR/PVI engineering modules
  • 3-D graphical output (T&D and hydraulics)
  • Convenient copy/paste functions for data input
  • Effect of downhole tools on T&D and Hyd/SS
  • Modeling of specialized casing running operations (floating, MOA)
  • Modeling of swab/surge while rotating and pumping at multiple speeds
  • Multiple flow rate models
  • “Split flow” modeling for underreaming operations
  • Enhanced MPD backpressure modeling
  • Fatigue/stress analysis
  • Max WOB/TOB calculations
  • FF reduction/increase calculations
  • Advanced 3-layer hole-cleaning models (cutting sbed thickness, cleanup times, volumes)
  • Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) calculations and modeling
  • LAS input and graphical plotting
  • MSE/DSE calculations
  • Temperature profile effects +/- WT and rheology

If you are an operator and would like to learn more about ERDPro® or our ERD design and rigsite engineering services, we encourage you to contact us today.

About the Author

is the President of HXR Drilling Services. He has extensive global experience in directional/horizontal and extended reach drilling, both from onshore pads as well as offshore TLP’s, platforms and man-made island drill sites.

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