What Does HXR Stand for?

June 24th, 2015 | Chris Speziale

Good question! HXR is an acronym for Horizontal eXtended Reach.

And what do we do?

HXR is a U.S.-based drilling engineering and technology company that specializes in Extended Reach and Deepwater Drilling. We provide complete well design and feasibility studies, rigsite-based drilling engineering and supervision, advanced pore pressure modeling and analysis, and real-time wellbore stability and geomechanics services. In addition, we provide ERD training courses for supervisory personnel.

HXR has developed two of the most advanced engineering software suites available today, ERDPro® and DEEPWATERPro®. ERDPro® is our advanced well design software that is tailored to horizontal and extended reach wells, both on and off shore. DEEPWATERPro® is our pore pressure prediction software that is specifically designed for ERD wells offshore, using multiple velocity stacks along the deviated wellbore.

Watch our video to learn more!

About the Author

is the President of HXR Drilling Services. He has extensive global experience in directional/horizontal and extended reach drilling, both from onshore pads as well as offshore TLP’s, platforms and man-made island drill sites.

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