Extended Reach Drilling (ERD)

HXR Drilling Services is a leader in Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) engineering. It takes a comprehensive team effort and constant communication to successfully perform in the extended reach drilling arena. The rig and equipment must be capable of handling increased standpipe pressures, hook loads and torque generated by extreme well plans. Well trajectories and casing programs must be adequately thought out, taking into account torque and drag as well as ECD and surge/swab effects on formation collapse and fracture pressures. Drilling parameters must be kept as such to clean the hole while maintaining wellbore stability. The mud rheology must be controlled to maintain the lowest possible equivalent circulating density (ECD) to ensure that the formation is not fatigued, resulting in wellbore instability, losses, stuck pipe or well control incidents. It is critical that qualified drilling and completions engineers with the requisite training and experience in ERD operations be available, both on- and off-location, to handle any issues that might arise with these types of specialized wells. In addition, HXR’s Drilling Engineers and on-site ERD Specialists utilize ERDPro® Well Design software as well as DEEPWATERPro® Pore Pressure Prediction software, two of the industry’s most advanced drilling software suites, to design and monitor even the toughest wells our clients have planned. HXR goes to great lengths to ensure that our personnel attend the industry’s best training courses, while instilling a culture centered around teamwork and the sharing of our individual knowledge with each other so that all projects have the best chance of success.

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